Connecting BTM-222 under Windows XP

The exact procedure may differ from the one described below according to software used, but the principle is always similar.


Open your Bluetooth Management Software, and search for available devices. You should find "Serial Adapter",
click twice on the device symbol (1) to discover services and then click SPP service (2) to connect:

If you connect for first time, you will be asked to give the PIN

Enter: 1234 and press OK. Your module should connect now and Bluetooth Status LED stops blinking.

If you have troubles connecting module next time, unpair devices first, and enter PIN again.

Now you can findout what number of your COM Port is. Right click on device symbol and select menu "Status":

Now read the port number:


From now your ATMEGA (UART) is represented as COM Port (COM6 in this case) on your computer.

You can use PC keybord and screen to communicate with AVR.


Testing communication and iKAVR Bootloader

you can use any terminal for testing the communication. For example, when using HyperTerminal, open the application and create new connection:


Set the COM port:


Configure the port to default settings of BCA8-BTM (BTM-222)


Click OK and you should now be connected. When you now type in HyperTerminal, the Bluetooth Status LED should flash.


You can also very easy program new application from HaperTerminal if bootloader is instaled.
Simply start Bootloader (see section Software>Bootloader). The bootloader prints:


Now send the .hex file from Menu>Transfer:



After transfer completed, the bootloader prints "S" and starts application: