Using Android device as wireless terminal for BlueController

The easiest, and simplest method for comunicating BCA8-BTM with Android powered smartphone, is to use it as a terminal. There is a simple but useful application "BlueTerm" in Android Market. If installed on your smartphone it allows to connect to SPP Bluetooth device and act as terminal.

So you can easily connect your phone to your BCA8-BTM (or BTM-222) module, and use it as Keybord or LCD display, without any additional hardware or software like LCD libraries.



Writing advanced Android applications for BlueController with AMARINO TOOLKIT

Another interesting application for working with BlueController and Android is the Amarino toolkit:

While using BCA8-BTM with Arduino bootloader, you will have comfortable tool, with lowest hardware expense and maximum flexibility.


For your convenience we have prepared sample application that draws the reading of internal temperature sensor of ATMEGA328P on your smartphone.

If you decide to install any software on your phone, remember that you do this on your own risk.


The project data can be found



You can find sample app here:


Amarino is needed as well:




If you are online with your Android device, you can download and install this apps directly.



1. install both APKson your Android device

2. load Sketch to BlueController

3. start Amarino Amarino, set up connection with BCA8

5. connect

6. start SensorGrap